Welcome to Saudi Digital Library

Saudi Digital Library, is the largest academic gathering of information sources in the Arab world, with more than (310،000) scientific reference, covering all academic disciplines, and the continuous updating of the content in this; thus achieving huge accumulation cognitive in the long run. Library has contracted with more than 300 global publisher. The library won the award for the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information ‘know’ for outstanding projects in the Arab world in 2010.

The library provides to all Saudi universities one umbrella, through which to negotiate with publishers on various legal issues and financial, in this significant savings of money and efforts, through the bloc urges one umbrella, through which you can get more benefits and rights to publishers.

It also provides a digital environment for various Saudi universities, and research organizations in common with it, and in this environment of the benefits and advantages can not hand one to play, or to reach him, and these advantages:

  • One central management, manages this huge content, and constantly updated.
  • Common share for the benefit of, any University would benefit other universities that are now available to the other, in any scientific field.
  • Enhance the status of universities when evaluating, for Academic Accreditation, and through sources rich, modern, and publish the best Global Publishers.
  • Bridging the gap between Saudi universities, where emerging universities can get the same service you get major Saudi universities.